Kapila Fest 2016 National seminar Details of sessions



Title Authors Date Of Session
V Gau-Products For Human Health And Livelihood Options 26-05-2016

10 Am

Invited Papers Cow (Gau) Product And Lively Hood In India Focus On Health Protocol –An Ayurvedic – Socio Perspective Dr.N.Jayachandran
Nutritional And Therapeutic Attributes Of Indian Desi Cattle (Bos Indicus) Bindya Liz Abraham, Mvsc., Ph.D.
1. Comprehensive Medical Quality Of Ksheeram (Cow’s Milk) In Health Protocol
Ayurvedic Perspective
2. Value Addition Of  Dahi From Desi Cow’s  Milk By The Utilization Of Mint Extarct Varma C.G1,  Dharani Kumar.M2, Davuddin Md2, Govind1, Keyho K1
3. A Study On The Knowledge And Awareness Status Of Desi Cattle Farmers In Its Conservation And Product Diversification In Kerala Muhammed Asif. M. 1 , Gayathri. S. L. 1 And Subin K. Mohan2
4. Microbiological Profile Of Composite Samples Of Two Indigenous Cattle Breeds Collected During Summer And Winter Praseeda K.S., Ligimol James, Beena A K And Aparna S .V.
5. Development Of Ayur Spiced Butter Milk By Utilization Of Gomutra Ambuja S R*, Yancy Mary Issac, Rajakumar S N
I Genetic And Phenotypic Diversity Of Indigenous Cows 27-05-2016

9 Am To 11 Am

Invited Papers Analysis Of Phenotypic And Genetic Diversity In Animal Populations Radhika,G., Anilkumar,K. And Aravindakshan, T.V.
Biodiversity of bovine population in South India Dr K Anilkumar
Breeding Strategies For Genetic Improvement Of Indigenous Cattle V.Jamuna And R.T.Venkatachalapathy
1. Molecular Characterization And Phylogenetic Analysis Of Secreted Phosphoprotein-1 Gene In Milk Somatic Cells Of Vechur Cattle (Bos Indicus) Of Kerala Karthikeyan A.*, Radhika G. And Aravindakshan T. V.
Iii Conservation And Management Of Indigenous Cows 27-05-2016

11.30 Am To 1.30pm

Invited Papers Conservation Of Native Breeds Of Cattle M. Manoj, Naicy Thomas, T.V.Aravindakshan And K. Anilkumar
1. Adoption Levels Of Desi Cow, Panchagavya And Organic Agriculture Among Families Trained For Family Farming At Krishi Vigyan Kendra Thiruvananthapuram Krishna Mohan B1 And Dr Jith John Mathew2
2. Non-Structural Protein Elisa For Detecting Subclinical Infection Of Foot And Mouth Disease Among Vechur Cattle Mini, K. V1., Tresamol, P. V2., Manoj, M3. And Dhanya, P. C4.
3. Dairy Farming Practises And Constrants Confronted By Desi Cattle Dairy Farmers In Visakhapatnam District Of Andhra Pradesh – An Overview Varma C.G1, Raghunath K3, Sudheer P4, Kannan A2
4. Nutritional Evaluation Of Ayurvedic Medicinal Residues As Livestock Feed By In Vitro Gas Production Technique P.S. Banakar*, K. Ally, K. Shyama, P. Gangadevi, Sajith Purushothaman, K. Jasmine Rani
5. An In Vitro Evaluation Of Unconventional Feeds In Terms Of The Dry Matter And Organic Matter Digestibility, Metabolisable Energy And Microbial Biomass. P.S. Banakar*, K. Ally, George Dominic, P. Gangadevi, G. Rajkumar, Arathy Saseendran
6. Effect Of Dietary Incorporation Of Ksheerabala Residue On Growth Performance And Economics Of Production Of Crossbred Calves Jasmine Rani K., Chithrima Seethal C.R., Banakar P.S., Ally K., Shyama K.And Gangadevi P.
7. Enrichment Of Cow Milk By Feeding Protected Fat As Calcium Salt Of Palm Oil Fatty Acid Sajith Purushothaman
8. Constraints Faced By The Desi Cattle Farmers In Kerala And Their Perceived Solutions: An Explorative Pilot Study Muhammed Asif, M.1 , Gayathri. S. L1. And Subin. K. Mohan2
9. Management Practices Adopted By The Desi Cattle Breeders In Kerala: An Overview Subin. K. Mohan, Muhammed Asif, M, Gayathri. S. L And Sruthy K.Mohan
10. Proposal Of Housing Requirements For Vechur Cattle C. Kotresh Prasad, John Abraham, Maruthi S. T., Sagar R. S., Bindya L.A., And Raseel K.
11. Indigenous Cattle Rearing Practices Of Vagamon, Kerala George S. K., Prasad, A. And Dipu M. T.
12. A Study On Effect Of Ketamine Stun For Nose Roping In Vechur Cattle Maruthi S.T., Prasad C.K., Sagar R.S., Sooryadas S., Bindya L.A. And George Chandy
13. Haemato-Biochemical Parameters In Vechur Cattle Sagar R. S., Maruthi S. T., C. Kotresh Prasad, Arun George, Bindya L. A. And John Abraham
14. Strategies For Conservation Of Amruthmahal Breed With Farmers Naveen Kumar G.S., Basavraj Inamdar., M.R. Jayashankar., Hemanth Gowda K
Vi Gau-Products For Plant Protection, Plant Health

And Sustainable Agriculture


2pm To 4pm

1. A Survey On Role Of Panchagavya In Organic Cultivation Govind1, Varma C.G1, Sunitha Thomas1, Justin Davis2, Deepak Mathew2
2. Comparison Of The Growth, Yield And Nutrient Content Of Hydroponics Maize Sprouts Irrigated Using Either Panchagavya Solution Or Tap Water G. Rajkumar, M. T. Dipu, K. Shyama,  P. Gangadevi, K. Lalu, C. Srinivasan And P. S. Banakar
3. Green Forage Production And Water Use Efficiency Of Maize Fodder Grown Under Hydroponic Technology G. Rajkumar, K. Shyama, M. T. Dipu, P. Gangadevi, K. Ally, K. George Sherin And E. D. Benjamin
Iv A2 Milk And Its Implications 28-05-2016

9 Am To 10am

Invited Papers The A2 Milk And Its Implications In The Dairy Sector R.Thirupathy Venkatachalapathy, C.B. Bimal, And K. Anil Kumar
1. Evaluation Of The Compositional Quality And Mineral Profiling Of Milk Of Desi Cattle Of Kerala Bindya Liz Abraham* And Chinchu, P.C.
Vii Climate Chage And Adaptability Od Desi Cows 28-05-2016

10.30am To 12.30am

Invited Papers Climate Change And Livestock Productivity: The Role Of Indigenous Breeds Biju Kumar, A.
1. Polymorphism At 5’ Utr Region Of Bovine Hsp 70 Gene As An Indicator Of Climate Resilience Among Native Cattle And Buffalo Breeds. Rajesh Kumar1, Mayukh Ghosh2, Sreekumar Ramesh1*, Karthiayini. K1, Thaneshoraon3, Meenakshi Gupta4, Ak Balhara5and Inderjeet Singh5
2. Quantitative Estimation Of The Heat Tolerance Attributes Of Desi Cattle Varieties Of Kerala Bindya Liz Abraham
3. Heat Tolerance Test By Using Dairy Search Index In Vechur Cattle Kotresh Prasad C, Maruthi S. T, Sagar R.S, John Abraham, Balusami C And Roshin A