A passionate group of enthusiastic scientists, engineers, medical practitioners, academicians and social workers with innovative ideas for our sustainable future.With  the catch word ‘Championing Innovation’ as motto, CISSA Team triggers  informed debates and action to address the pressing needs of modern times.The organization is also committed to unseal the inner eye of society to observe the consequences caused by the insensitive practices of the society in the areas of health, agriculture, environment and culture.

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Major Initiatives


ANNAM- Good Food Movement is the upright patterning of CISSA to fight against the fast food culture and to promote local food diversity

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Indian/International Biodiversity Congress

Biological diversity- the rich tapestry of life and its intricately interlaced phenomena, processes, and relationships-

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Global Ayurveda Festival

Global Ayurveda Festival – Kerala (GAF) is a biennial get together of the Ayurveda fraternity in the State of Kerala,where Ayurveda has

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Shreshta Krishi

Agriculture has changed dramatically during the recent past, especially since the advent of green revolution. Although these

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Lightning Awareness & Research Centre

Lightning is a natural hazard that causes serious economical losses and personal

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Energy Conservation

URJA is a is a national programme to showcase best practices concerning energy efficiency, new technologies, equipments and

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National Jackfruit Promotion Mission

Food security has become a major issue of survival for mankind. In recent past, Kerala had abundance of native food crops

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Waste Management

Bio-medical waste constitutes an estimated two percent of municipal waste in the urban areas of India. Though the BMW Rules have been

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National Banana Festival

CISSA organised National Banana Festival for the first time on the soil of Kerala in 2018. The event had a variety of programmes including exhibitions, seminars, farmers meet and cultural events to broadcast captivatingly about the multifarious uses and spectacular varieties of banana.

Kerala School Agri Fest

Kerala School Agri Fest (K-SAF)launched by CISSA in 2010 aims at bringing school students closer to farms and farmers. The event is held annually with an objective of handing down basic lessons of agriculture so as to empower children to pluck agricultural prosperity at their own.


In connection with the International Yoga Day CISSA  in association with CCRYN and FRAT has organized a one month  Yoga Training programme  from

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Other Initiatives

Apart from the above CISSA has also initiated various programmes on the topics of contemporary relevance like  Children’s Agriculture

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