• Promote ethical management of the world’s natural resources for the benefit of people, fauna and flora as envisaged in ‘Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam’ (all world is one family) and well-being of present and future generations.
  • Initiate effort to meet the needs of all, cutting across regions and social hierarchies and strive to give a proper orientation to Science and Technology, to ensure social, economic and gender justice and sustain the natural equilibrium.
  • Promote cross-disciplinary and trans- cultural approach for research, awareness and action so that each discipline of modern science gets linked to the corresponding indigenous stream and a holistic paradigm evolves.
  • Globalising Indian vision on science, conservation and life styles.
  • Nurture the complementary nature of science and spirituality with necessary action plans.
  • Perform to achieve self reliance in areas of science, technology and development.
  • Promote science, communication and education at all levels with special emphasis on the use of regional languages.
  • Promote social action at the grass root level to accomplish sustainable development.
  • Act to secure changes in government policy, corporate practices and consumer choices that will protect and improve the health of our environment.