Energy Conservation Awareness Campaigns

Energy Conservation Campaigns: 2015-16

CISSA’s Energy Conservation Campaign series in selected Residents Associations of Thiruvananthapuram District for the period, 2015-’16 was held successfully with the support of Energy Management Centre, Government of Kerala. Federation of Residents Association, Trivandrum (FRAT) has provided due support in spreading the campaign’s reach through various localities.

Date Residents Association name Location
09th May 2015 Maruthankuzhy Maruthamkuzhy
12th Sept 2015 Sangeetha Nagar Pangappara
21st Sept 2015 Sangeetha Nagar Chenkottukonam
24th Sept 2015 Vishnu Nagar Powdikkonam
27th Sept 2015 Aliyiltharatta Njandoorkkonam
02nd Oct 2015 Kamaleswaram Payattukuppam
14th Nov 2015 PTP Nagar PTP Nagar
20th Feb 2016 Kochar Road Sasthamangalam
28th Feb 2016 Chittatthinkara Maruthamkuzhi
26th Mar 2016 Udaarasiromany Vellayambalam
17th April 2016 Poojappura Poojappura

URJA KIRAN : 2015-16

 URJA KIRANEnergy Conservation Awareness Campaign were held in an impressive way with people’s participation, in two  Legislative Assembly Constituencies of Thiruvananthapuram District with the support of Energy Management Centre, Government of Kerala. The campaign was themed on Energy efficiency and Conservation.

Date Legislative Assembly Constituency Location
21st Feb 2016 Nedumangad Karakulam
28th Feb 2016 Vattiyoorkkavu Nettayam

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ANNAM GOOD FOOD MOVEMENT: State wide campaign on Eat Smart

Kondotty, Malappuram, 20 August 2016

CISSA’s Annam Mass Movement against junk and fake food has got an extra impetus at Kondotty, Malappuram district of Kerala on 20 August 2016. Thanks to Gandhi Darshan for the local support it has provided to make the event a grand success. The event, envisaged as ‘One-day Seminar on Good Food for Good Health’ was inaugurated by Hon. MLA, Shri. T.V. Ibrahim. General Convener of Gandhi Darshan, Shri. P.K. Narayanan and teacher, Govt. High School, Smt.Latha spoke on the occasion. CISSA General Secretary, Dr. C. Suresh Kumar offered keynote speech and Vice President, Shri. Ajith Venniyoor provided class on ‘Food is also medicine’.

Manjeri, 01 May:

On the International Workers Day, CISSA gifted something special for Manjeri. It was a day of workshop on Food and Health from 10am to 2pm at Government Girls Higher Secondary School auditorium.  There was nice participation of mainly a group of enthusiastic teachers and the most needed listeners – the school children. The programme was inaugurated by Prof. V.P. Sasidharan, Principal, Govt. Medical College, Manjeri. He lauded the activities CISSA has been doing which must be emulative for others.

Mr. Mohammed Basheer, AEO was the chief guest. Also present were Mr. Narayanan Master, District Convener, Gandhi Darshan; Mr. C.P. Krishnakumar, Secretary, Kerala School Teachers Association; and Mr. Jayadeep of Kerala Sasthra Sahitya Parishad.  Convener of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Vasudevan Namboothiri welcomed participants and representative of Oushadhi, Mr. P. Krshnadas proposed vote of thanks.  The inaugural function was followed by elaborate talks on good food and its health implications.  Dr.C.Suresh kumar and Shri.N.Sreekumar made presentations. Shri. Praveen Chandran co-ordinated the organizing part.

During lunch, matching to the messages upheld by the event, ideal local and traditional food items like Kanji, kappa and chammanthi were served for free to all participants. A doze of irrefutable moru with all necessary ingredients was also distributed. Not to finish, the food was served  on serene dry leaves of arecanut; and spoons made of jackfruit tree leaves, which brought hearts closer to nature, evoking huge nostalgia for many.

North Paravur, 07 April:
If small contributions lead to bigger impacts, CISSA has the gratification about the World Health Day observance it could make at North Paravur. For the mission, joining with CISSA on the occasion, were a group of able local organizations.

Amrita Diabetic Welfare Association, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Paravur Town Merchants’ Assocation, Paravur Taluk Merchants’ Association, Love All Charitable Trust (LACT) and BUSITUNE Business Consultancy and Entrepreneur Development Centre were there, making the occasion memorable.

The day-long celebration started with a walkathon at 8.30 am, flagged off by the Municipal Chairman Sri. Ramesh D. Kurup. Following this, there was a public meeting at Vyapara Bhavan, North Paravur wherein leaders of the participating organizations addressed an exciting audience.

There was a free diabetic clinic, offering service for the most needy. Around 200 people were benefited by the camp.

In order to provide necessary education on preventing and managing the disease, Dr. Usha Menon offered a useful lecture. From the part of CISSA, the undersigned gave a presentation on ‘Socio-economic and health impacts of changing food styles’.

Furthering the event’s worthiness there were pure organic rice soup served in natural arecanut plates; and display of posters by CISSA. As usual, the book stall run by CISSA could fetch public attention.

Fast Food – The path to fast death

Fast food is the giant virus which has the power to demolish the human race.
  • Any processing of our foods makes it more dangerous than unprocessed foods.
  • Most nutritionists recommend not to eat fast food more than once in a month.
  • The World Health Organization has declared obesity as a global epidemic.
  • The growth of nuclear families, particularly in urban India, exposure to global media and Western cuisine has had a great impact on eating out trends.
  • CISSA possesses the mission of fast food free campus and to make students aware of the adverse effects of fast food.
  • a part of this initiative, various workshops, seminars and exhibitions are being conducted in school campuses.
  • There is an effective awareness poster series designed by CISSA team. Exhibitions are being organized by CISSA on demand by the schools to tune the coming generation with traditional food culture.
  • We promote the usage of home grown vegetables and fruits which are totally out of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • We have an audio-visual lecture for school students about the hazards of fast food.
  • It is organized for schools along with poster exhibition. And CISSA has books which give you a clear picture of the importance and greatness of our traditional food practice.
  • School/ college authorities can contact CISSA office for the details of exhibitions and campaigns through e-mail or telephone. We provide the arrangements.

Jack Fruit – The King Fruit

We are cultivating 350 million jackfruits from 9.5 lakh hector land in the various districts of Kerala.

CISSA takes an active role in organising Jack Fruit promotion campaigns to gather various organizations and stakeholders to popularize the taste diversity of jackfruit dishes, for increasing the confidence among stakeholders to step into this sector. CISSA is also a part of Jackfruit promotion council. In Kerala so many people are engaged in jackfruit food products industry. But they are facing the problem of poor marketing. CISSA opens an opportunity for it through various festivals, and outlets. CISSA has also published recipe books both in Malayalam and English to promote and popularize jack fruit.

Initiatives in the field of Biopesticides

Biopesticides – Local pesticides for local pests

CISSA is organizing programmes and campaigns to make bio pesticides available in time for farmers and educate the general public on how to make these products. Availability of organic/bio pesticides locally at an affordable price will go a long way in ensuring the usage by farmers. CISSA is conducting workshops on the production of bio pesticides to farmers, residents’ associations and the general public on demand. CISSA aims to popularize cultivation of plants necessary for the production of bio pesticides, popularize organic pesticides among farmers. CISSA acts as an information centre for bio pesticides and to help in the production of nutritious and toxin free food locally.