‘Annam’ or food is considered sacred in India and traditional food cultures have their innate strengths and are often highly scientific for a given culture and region. What we eat has hanged more in the last four decades, perhaps more than in the previous 4,000 years of human history. Growing, harvesting, preparing food and the age-old traditions of coming together to eat have been the focus of family and community life from time immemorial. It has been the social adhesive that has sustained communities. The gradual shift to new trends in eating, especially the rapid and pervading growth of fast food, is destroying this vital food culture.

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10-14 December 2015

Annam Festival will bring together the government and non-government organisations, Academic and R&D organisations, nutritionists, farming communities and business group to showcase the great

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National Seminar

10-12 December 2015

The day began with an International Seminar on Food, Health and Agro-biodiversity: Changing Paradigms. The inaugural session was begun with a thought-provoking speech by Emeritus Professor

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