Originally this programme, Kapila Fest was conceived Kasargod Draf conservation Society (KDCS) which was established in 2010 exclusively for the conservation of kasargod cattle, as a subsidiary organization of swaraj kasargod. Significance of Kasargod cattle in sustainable agriculture

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                    A national level seminar on Green Economics and Desi Cow is being organized as part of the coveted  Kapila Fest 2016 to discuss in detail the emerging concern on conservation and propagation of  indigenous cattle breeds for sustainable, environment friendly agriculture and healthy living. People f high reputation in this field would be part of the seminar and the budding young scientists and philosophers will find this place a platform apart from conventional and customary jargons to express

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                    The National Expo of Kapila Fest will have the following components:

                    1. Exhibition of live Desi Cow Breeds from all over India
                    2. Exhibition of Desi Cow products (food items, organic agricultural inputs, medicines, cosmetics, household utility items etc.) and organic products
                    3. Ethano veterinary medicines
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