Timely prevention is the best way to stop heavy losses due to lightning accidents. The monsoon is already on along south of the country and the northern states are awaiting to brace a rainy season.

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Lightning is a natural hazard that causes serious economical losses and personal injuries and deaths in many parts of the world.  The number of deaths, injuries and damages to properties due to lightning is high in India. Another matter of concern is the innumerable deaths of animals. Equipment damage is on the increasing trend during the last few decades. Many of these damages and losses could be minimized by educating the government and private establishments and the general public in lightning protection and safety awareness.CISSA has been carrying out workshops and other awareness programmes on lightning hazard for some years now. As a culmination of all these efforts, a Lightning Awareness and Research Centre (LARC) was started by the CISSA in June 2014.

LARC aims to be a single point source in India for all information and assistance for the public on issues related to lightning and to conduct research and case studies.

Major Objectives of  LARC :

  • To disseminate information on lightning safety among public so that precious lives and property can be protected
  • To train various stakeholders on latest technologies and protection systems for lightning safety.
  • To ensure that lightning protection devices marketed in the country comply with the prescribed standards.
  • Offer policy and technical advice in the areas related to lightning
  • To encourage inclusion of lightning safety information in the curricula of schools, IEC activities of all concerned organizations.
  • To cooperate and network with national and international organizations having similar objectives.


  • Classes, Seminars, training programmes and Workshops
  • organise various awareness programmes, conduct seminars ,workshops, trainings on  lightning safety,  with the intent to minimize  injury and damage to property and electrical/electronic installations.
  • capacity building programmes for  engineers and technical personnel in scientifically accepted lightning protection systems
  • Consultation, and Inspection Services
  • LARC conducts a broad Range of Consulting Services
  • Site Evaluation, Site Inspection for Lightning Hazard Mitigation, Compliance Requirement etc
  • Single point information source for public
  • Telephonic answering service – anyone can call and ask about lightning and protection measures and experts will  provide answers.
  • Reference library with   books, reports and recommendations, compilation of news paper reports and  articles, standards published by various regulating agencies, Lightning data maps and charts, documentaries and CDs on lightning.
  • Publishing Books , posters, pamphlets and documentaries on Lightning related subjects.
  • Research and studies
  • Research on incidence and distribution patterns of lightning strikes
  • Estimation of extent of property and equipment damages.
  • Studies on policies and programs for lightning safety.
  • Seminar
  • Awareness programmes
  • Workshops for School Teachers
  • Workshops for Publics.




Workshop- 2014

Thiruvananthapuram, Tvpm-Ekm


Minnal Pinar