CISSA to launch household medicinal plant cultivation scheme

By October 15, 2016General
Come Monday the 17th of October, getting underway will be one of CISSA’s milestone events. At 4.30pm on the day, Worshipful Mayor, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, Adv. V.K. Prasanth will be inaugurating Household Medicinal Plants Cultivation project launched by CISSA and funded by the State Medicinal Board, Kerala (SMPB-K). Councilor, Palayam Ward, Smt. Aisha Baker will be presiding over the event to be held at House No. NRA 7, Thoppil House, Vaniyar Street, Nandavanam Residents’ Association (NRA). Shri. K. Radhakrishnan, CEO (In Charge) of the SMPB-K; Shri. R. Rajan, Vice President, NRA will offer felicitations. Dr. C. Suresh Kumar, General Secretary, CISSA will welcome dignitaries, whereas the project will be introduced by Dr. S. Rajasekharan, Scientist (Rtd), Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanical Garden and Research Institute. Secretary of the NRA, Shri. Anil Joy will propose vote of thanks.
Furthering the worthiness of the day will be training sessions on the rearing of medicinal plants by Dr. P. Sankarankutty, Former Director of Ayurveda Medical Education; Dr. C.K. Peethambaran, Director, Agriculture, CISSA; Prof. P. Raghunath and Dr. N.G. Balachandranath, Head, Organic Farming Resource Centre, CISSA. Cordial welcome is being extended by CISSA for everyone to the occasion.


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