CISSA with added resolve on Kerala’s New Year

By August 17, 2016General

Studies could find that among the New Year resolutions taken by people, just 10 percent sustains. Major reason for such failure are highly unrealistic, imaginative as well as ideas demanding multiple tasks. If that is the case for individuals, what about institutions? Since institutions are collective thoughts of individuals, the failure percentage is lesser. Today is Chingam 1, the first day of the first month in Malayalam calendar. CISSA consider this as an opportunity to refurbish its resolve to keep merits of science closer to people and to continue its march through unceasing turning of wheels of diverse activities. Here, please find enclosed a chart of our imminent activities. While CISSA wishes all of you a prosperous time, it also looks forward to have your active association in all possible avenues. Best wishes!

cissa new year

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