CISSA’s pavilion attracts more crowd

By July 29, 2016General
Can working days attract crowd for exhibitions and melas? CISSA’s knowledge pavilion at the ongoing Jackfruit Mela at Kanakakunnu, Thiruvananthapuram proves that weekday or holiday, jackfruit gets crowds stuck to its celebration. CISSA’s pavilion, the welcoming one at the Mela was abuzz with pretty crowd comprising of the old and the young, skimming through the educative posters and the books displayed for sale.
Among the visitors yesterday was CPI leader and former Member of Parliament, Shri. Pannian Raveendran, prompting a selfie spree with him at the venue.
Till date, CISSA has got exceptional response to its book sale. Thursday and working day, there was usual number of people gathering at CISSA’s knowledge pavilion, yesterday.
Among the books displayed are food-related books from CISSA and biodiversity and environment related books from Navdanya.

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