Drumbeats of good food festival are now audible!

By December 11, 2015General

Kochi’s one of the important arteries, the road connecting Marine Drive to Rajendra Maidan received a surging enthusiasm of around 800 participants who gathered for a Propaganda Rally (Vilambara Yaathra) for imminent Annam 2015 National Food and Agro Biodiversity Festival.

Messages of Annam 2015 slated for 10-14 December were communicated by school students who raised placards written with good food catchphrases.

“Good food is our right”, “Good people, let’s go back to nature” and “Don’t ask why good food is such expensive, but ask why the junk food is such cheap” were some passionate slogans raised by the rally.

Chairman of Organizing Committee, N. Venugopal (Chairman, GCDA); Secretary General, K.G. Venugopal and Coordinator, Praveen Chandran were leading the procession.

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