Farmer Producer Company

By August 6, 2019General

In a landmark step, CISSA with the support of NABARD has formed a unique Farmer Producer Company, christened Harithodhayam Farmer Producer Company in Thiruvananthapuram.

The company has got the entire district as its jurisdiction. It’s first priority will be to popularize tuber crops including tapioca and arrowroot, besides tapping the economic benefits contained in the local fruits and vegetables. CISSA will continue as the Producer Organization Promoting Institution (POPI).

Already around 200 farmers from Karakulam and Aruvikara panchayats have joined the initiative as share holders. Formation of the company is a true fruition to the hard work the CISSA team has exerted in the grassroots. Formation of a farmer producer company is in fact a mission for enhancing the income for farmers through value addition and scientific marketing of their produces.

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