Fresh batch of organic farmers out

By August 1, 2016General

And now, stepping out from CISSA is a regiment of 31 devoted practitioners of organic farming. Thanks to the 3rd two-day training in Organic Farming concluded successfully today. As usual, there were experts sharing all that an organic farmer ought to know. Strengthening the sessions were several practical demonstrations about preparation of organic manures, pesticides and growth promoters. And if you want to know what happens in reality, you should listen to a person well experienced. And there was an award winning veteran farmer, Shri. R. Ravindran explaining how enticing are his organic farming experiences. Classes were handled by Dr. CK Peethambaran, Prof. P. Reghunath, Dr. NG Balachandranath, Shri. K.K. Sathyan, Shri. Sreekumar and Dr. C. Suresh Kumar.


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