It’s lightning, these points need a flash look

By November 13, 2015General

With the northeast monsoon setting in over Kerala, the Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) has issued a warning against lightning hazards likely to occur till June 2016.

A press note issued by the Lightning Awareness Research Centre (LARC) under CISSA has directed citizens to avoid objects and locations which could become live by a lightning strike. All objects with a cable connection like land telephone, cable TV, wired Internet modem, and all devices connected to electric power are potentially dangerous during a lightning storm.

The public are warned to keep a safe distance from water pipes and taps as well as walls, doors, and windows, all of which could be dangerous during lightning. Rooftops and open grounds are also to be avoided.

However, mobile phones and cordless receivers of land phones are considered safe. Metal objects like shovels, pickaxes, and metal poles are potentially dangerous. While outside the house, the public have been asked to stay away from trees and large vehicles like trucks and earth movers. Those trapped in the open during a lightning storm are advised to move quickly to a concrete building and remain at the centre of a room. In an open ground, umbrellas are best discarded.

The press note has said riding bikes and leaning on cars could be dangerous; but being inside the car, bus, train and inside a concrete roof building is safe, during lightning. Contact with water could prove fatal.


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