KAPILA Fest 2016 comes to a successful culmination

By May 30, 2016General
Five-day Kapila Fest triumphs
It is a successful culmination for a unique festival. Fourth Kapila Fest meant for promoting and preserving indigenous breeds of Indian cows was held at CMS College, Kottayam from 25-29 May 2016.
CISSA remains thankful to Kasaragod Dwarf Conservation Society, Confederation of Indigenous Cattle Breeders Association – Kerala and Indian Veterinary Association for the space provided in the conduct of the historic event.
As curtains are down for Kapila Fest 2016, CISSA is satisfied to see that the onus entrusted on it: 3-day national seminar and five-day informative exhibition on native cows, were fulfilled to the maximum levels of perfection. CISSA’s pavilion could receive praise from the public as well as stalwarts including Dr. Claude Alvares, Mrs. Norma Alvares, Dr. Arjava Sharma and Dr. Niranjan Varma.
The national seminar provided a fascinating platform for disseminating latest academic findings on native breeds of cattle and their products so as to enhance health and wealth of people. The need for turning towards rearing a native cattle at home was re-established. Noted experts and able scholars were there making about fifty presentations under six themes.
Placing the message of Kapila Fest 2016 for posterity, three publications were brought out by CISSA: (1) Book of Abstracts (2)  നമ്മുടെ പശു  – a Malayalam book titled Our Cow giving authentic information as to why native breed of cows are important for India   and (3) സുരഭി: പാലും നെയ്യും ആയുർവേദത്തിൽ  – a book titled, ‘Surabhi: Milka and Ghee in Ayurveda’ which is an Ayurveda physician’s notes on the inevitable place cow milk and its products have got in Ayurveda system of medicine.
There was also an exhibition of CISSA’s publications which received nice response from the visitors.

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