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By August 5, 2016General

CISSA welcomes everyone eager to acquire Japanese language to a six months’ course offered by Japan Cultural and Information Centre (JCIC), Thiruvananthapuram. The classes will be held at CISSA’s seminar hall in Thiruvananthapuram during 5pm to 7pm on Mondays and Thursdays through six months starting next week.

Course fee is Rs. 6000, but members of CISSA will get due concession in fee. Interested candidates may please register either at cissaindia@gmail.com or Tel: 0471 2722151.

Yesterday, formal inaugural session of the training was held at CISSA’s seminar hall. JCIC’s officials Shri. Ashok Kumar, Shri. Krishna Kumar and Shri. Prasanna Kumar were present. CISSA’s General Secretary, Dr. C. Suresh Kumar spoke.

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