Lightning Awareness : LARC Engineers visited Vagamon

By June 1, 2015General

Vagamon in Idukki district is a popular tourist spot where many people, both foreign and Indian, visit the barren hill (മൊട്ടക്കുന്നു്) and other locations. Being a hilly area and prone to heavy thunderstorms during the pre-monsoon and North-East monsoon seasons, naturally, many lightning accidents also occur. Two doctors from Kozhikode who visited the area with their wives lost their lives in August 2014 while standing on the hilltop. At that time, the district Collector had announce that lightning protection systems would be installed there to prevent such accidents in future


Eventually, the District authorities invited LARC to visit the area and suggest a solution to the problem. On an invitation from the local authorities, experts from LARC visited the place and held discussions with the authorities regarding lightning protection systems for tourists in the area with emphasis on the Mottakkunnu (മൊട്ടക്കുന്നു്), which is one of the spots frequented by tourists. We held discussions with several officials and the MLA and returned promising to come up with suggestions

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