Luck of lush green knocks the door at CISSA…

By April 5, 2016General

It was just a month before that Mr. Amit and Mr. Balamurali, new, young inducts to CISSA began a model organic vegetable garden at ​its premises. Their ambitious project spread a green sheen budding many hopes for them as well as their colleagues. Yesterday (​4th of April), one of those buds of hope bloomed full as they made a debut harvest – bunches of fresh amaranths. Duly witnessing the occasion were their mentors and guides, Dr. C.K. Peethamabaran and Dr. Balachandra Nath.

This is a beginning ​, which CISSA is sure ​, ​will grow in size and meaning very soon. The youngsters​ working in this area​ are provided with all sorts of motivation and scientific guidance by ​a team of experts including ​Dr. C. K. Peethambaran, Dr. Balachandra Dev and Shri. K.K. Sathyan.

CISSA is hopeful of setting an emulative model for ensuring the most needed organic vegetables at household level.

Already ​g​rowbags ​have been distributed to ​a good number of city homes. ​​When CISSA does so, clients are never left

astray; but provide​d​ weekly field visit​s by experts and farming tips and inputs so that their enthusiasm is kindled persistently.

For our Fb friends​ in Thiruvananthapuram​, CISSA is keeping ample growbags and followup procedure. Those who wish to procure growbags may contact Tel: +91 471 2722151 Email:

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