Now, Gir is gold, literally!

By July 1, 2016General

Now getting gold from your Gir cow is neither a myth nor as milking a duck! The country and the world received the news with all surprise when Dr B A Golakia, head of Junaghad Agriculture University’s Biotechnology department, analysed the Gir cow’s urine using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to finally declare that the urine of the said indigenous cow has got traces of gold in it. If to be precise, there is 3 mg of gold in 1 litre of milk, states the 4 years’ study. With the promotion of indigenous cattle breeds among its mandates, CISSA remains proud and happy over this finding. A few days before Ongole, another Indian breed of cow was in the news when Brazil was found to be the land to rear the largest population of Ongoles. When the population of Ongole was increasing each year there, in its homeland India, its population was found to dwindle fast. With the latest scientific discovery, there is every reason for Indians back home to cry over spilled milk.


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