On Sunday, Kochi makes a weekend flow to Annam 2015

By December 14, 2015General
On Sunday, morning onwards, the fourth day of Annam 2015 received an overwhelming inflow of visitors.
On the first day, while sitting at the reception committee office at the entrance, there were an average of 15 people passing us in five minutes, on Saturday it was some 30 people passing; and today, over sixty people passing!!
Of course, as proud members of CISSA, we should thank elite citizens of Kochi for showing their expression of support by vising Annam 2015. 
Keeping aside the awesome crowd, there was many events offering unique experiences. Seva Cafe was one among them. Seva Cafe was organized by Mr. Jayan of Kakkanad.
The very concept of Seva Cafe was this: people bring cooked or uncooked food stuffs from their homes and gather at a convenient place. Now expert cooks among them either serve the collected cooked food or else prepare dishes out of raw vegetables. Now everyone sit together and eat together.
The implying message was this: food is not a commercial commodity, but a means to foster fraternity and love. Mr. Jayan said, Seva Cafe or Community Cafe are very popular in European Countries and is an expression against commercialization of food. 
Right now there is rain outside, but there is no sign of it dousing the crowd’s zest! 

Well understanding their pulse, at the theatre attached to food court there was a melodious Gana Mela by Samgam Orchestra who describes their songs as ‘Old is Gold’. 

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