Prakruthi makes it again …

By June 2, 2016General

It’s a proud moment for CISSA to know about the persistent activities being launched by one of its young associates, Prakruti, a group of techies who have etched a mark of their own at the Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram.

Of course the seeds of knowledge sowed during CISSA’s training for techies didn’t fail to pay back productively.

Today, as the schools open for yet another educational year, Prakruti is all set to provide about 50 grow bags and other farming inputs for each school that registers. This must incur them an investment of about Rs.5500 per school which they are sure to get from munificent organizations that have never failed to support them in the hours of need.

Schools who need Prakruti’s grow bags and institutions that wish to support them shall contact Mr. Biju Sundaran at 9995245111.

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