Pramod Dev unravels potentials of video documentation as a new age way of communication​

By June 27, 2016General

New Delhi-based filmmaker Pramod Dev gifted a precious Sunday for the members and associates of CISSA today (26 June). He was at CISSA’s Seminar Hall to give a talk on ‘Visual Documentation: How and How not to?”

Addressing a curious audience, he said that to make messages impressive, organizations should make use of video technology. Videos of duration less than 180 seconds (3 minutes) get more audience than lengthier ones. World over leading organizations are now concentrating more on the production of videos for communicating to their clients.

“Video documentation is an emerging domain in organizational communication. Making brief videos is never an expensive thing. For example, Bentley Motors has recently published their popular commercial which was produced with an iphone”, Mr. Dev said.

He was giving a talk on ‘Visual documentation for organisations: How and How not to?’ at Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) today (26 June).

According to Mr. Dev video documentation is an easier, interesting and impressive way of speaking about a subject to audience of different tastes. But it is serious affair, too. If a still photo speaks thousands of words, a minute’s video can substitute 1.8 million words, he added. Moreover it is predicted that within a short time, 70 percent of all web traffic would be through videos. Pages-long reports can be presented through a few minutes’ video which makes video documentation one of the new age requirements.

Noted agricultural scientist, Dr. C.K. Peethambaran presented a memento to Mr. Dev.


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