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By August 29, 2016General

Thanks to Shri. C.P. John, Member, State Planning Board – Kerala for visiting CISSA . Definitely, it didn’t end up as a usual sort of visit, but bestowed CISSA with a few pertinent thoughts. Shri. C.P. John had a set of radical thoughts on strengthening Ayurveda. He feels Ayurveda is not only a treatment system, but also a repository of philosophical thoughts.

Friends, CISSA eagerly looks forward of getting your say on the following suggestions from Shri. C.P. John.

(1) There must be BA/MA courses in Ayurveda so that generations of people with right outlook and knowledge about the scientific philosophies of Ayurveda can be built. They must not be certified to provide treatment services. It can be considered at par with any science degree. Candidates with a passion can go for hither studies. Or just as a natural science graduate writing recruitment tests and become a clerk, she/he may also do the same. Shri. C.P. John opines that an extra benefit of these courses will be the instigation for more researches and nurturing of symbiotic exchanges between other streams of science. This is something at least our Sanskrit University can consider.

(2) Launch domestic and foreign trade of Ayurvedic medicine in the form of its components available in sachets (of course, environment friendly) instead of aqueous preparations. This, he says, would reduce the major portion of weight due to large amounts of water.He imagines of a society where people have the knowledge to make Ayurveda preparations their own. “If people learn to make curries with complex compositions, why can’t they prepare their traditional medicines, too with the insight obtained from certified doctors?” he asks quoting one of the Ayurveda doctors who treats him presently.

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