Thanks, from the heart of jackfruit!

By August 29, 2016General

Big thanks to all dear friends for the well wishes and support lavishly provided to make 10-day Jackfruit Festival a grand success. The festival had education and entertainment sumptuously interlaced so as to lift public awareness about the fruit’s diverse uses. CISSA was the knowledge partner to operate an educative Knowledge Pavilion providing rare information about the fruit through attractive posters and books of academic value. There were interesting competitions including a jackfruit eating competitions which people received with an overwhelming response. The event was organized by Exhibition Participants Association of Kerala and Jackfruit Promotion Consortium. CISSA’s Liaison Officer, Shri. Sudhakaran was there providing necessary supervision for the CISSA’s home pavilion. Worth mentioning about CISSA General Secretary, Dr. C. Suresh Kumar’s frequent presence at the venue. Prizes for various winners were distributed yesterday by Hon. Vice Chairman, Pathanamthitta Municipality, Mr. Jacob; Hon. Ward Councilor, Shri. Jassim Kutty; and Former Panchayat President, Shri. Babu Veliath.

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