Experts discuss on jackfruit benefits

By September 17, 2015General

A group of physicians from different disciplines made it for a serious academic debate many hither to no so debated health benefits of jackfruit on 16th of September at Gandhi Bhavan in Thiruvananthapuram. Dr. C. Suresh Kumar, General Secretary of CISSA was one of the speakers.  In his presentation titled, ‘Sweet facts; Sourly truths’, Dr. Suresh Kumar unravelled a number of medicinal properties of the fruit. Neglected by many due to ignorance, the fruit is believed to be a repository of nutrients, especially those antioxidants and minerals that contribute to a healthy life. Thus it has now acquired the title, ‘Functional Food’. Thanks to Jackfruit Promotion Council of Kerala (JPCK), the organizers of the event.

Mathrubhumi, leading Malayalam daily that has unleashed a strong campaign on the virtues of jackfruit has supported the event through an elaborate report:

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  • Since 2011 when CISSA along with other like-minded, socially committed organizations convened the historic jackfruit festival, there has been a huge response to save jackfruit trees. It’s good that annual jackfruit festivals since then has been boosting the drive.

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