• To make people aware of the contribution of India in Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of medicine dealing with both the preventive and curative aspects.
  • To preserve and spread the everlasting power and innumerable worth of Ayurveda
  • To devoid diseases, chart an Ayurveda lifestyle.
  • To popularize Ayurveda for the controlling and demolishing of NCDs and lifestyle diseases
  • To popularize the practice of balanced diet and essential exercise which we the moderns have permanently lost through uncontrolled lifestyle.

Focusing Platforms

  • Modalities integrate Ayurveda- in public health systems
  • Medicinal Plant Biodiversity and Local Healthcare
  • Home remedies for primary health care.
  • Lifestyle diseases – prevention and management.
  • Ayurveda in School curriculum
  • Ayurveda and new & emerging diseases
  • Capacity building for Ayurveda doctors
  • Yogavidya
  • Philosophical foundations of Indian sciences