Public Health


  • To create awareness on sustainable living and eco friendly lifestyles, eco-friendly traditions (with emphasis on Indian Philosophy), and environmental ethics
  • To critique global and national policies with regard to environment
  • To analyze the national and international policies and legal securities of the subject
  • To evolve a common and concerted strategy to create a healthy environment

Focusing Platforms

  • Sustainable (green) living
  • Eco-friendly traditions
  • Environmental ethics
  • Traditional Environmental Knowledge
  • Religious and cultural traditions
  • Philosophical foundations
  • Eco Friendly Development
  • Costs and benefits of environmental ethics
  • Bioethics education
  • Environment and media
  • Eco-friendly attitudes
  • Awareness of traditional food habits
  • Public health issues
  • Impact of globalization on environment
  • Sustainable patterns of consumption
  • Environmental politics
  • Green trade
  • Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
  • Patents
  • Environmental Law and Policy for Sustainable Development
  • Access to Environmental justice