Today marked a D-day for Jackfruit.

By July 12, 2016General

Today, exactly at 5pm as announced, at the martyrs’ memorial in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram city, there was a public crowd listening to the words of Hon. Chief Minister Shri. Pinarayi VIjayan about the State’s resolve to recapture the lost glory of Jackfruit.

“Once upon a time at our homes cooking and eating without jackfruit components were unthinkable. Today, the fruit is sidelined from the mainstream. But it gives me immense of pleasure to note that here is a mission that will definitely get back the dignity for the fruit of the soil”, said Chief Minister to an audience bearing an affection for the jackfruit. Hon. CM, unhesitatingly moved a step forward from the microphone point and picked some of the value added jackfruit products from Santhigram and Jackfruit Promotion Council, which were on display. Showing them one after the other and introducing them to the audience Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan said: “These are modern versions of our bygone culinary heritage. I’m glad that the fruit’s myriads of nutritional and medicinal benefits will be broadcast through such value added products”.

Furthering the spirit was the words of Hon. Finance Minister, Shri. Thomas Issac. The Minister said, “Yesterday, I was interviewed for the BBC. A question was asked what the government would do with the money earned out of the newly introduced ‘Fat Tax’. Then I gave a spontaneous reply that the amount will be wholly used for the promotion of our jackfruit. Why did I say that? Because the state budget has already an allocation of Rs.10 crores this year for Jackfruit promotion. The Fat Tax will also be not more than 10 crores. So I was in a way right that the Fat Tax will go for our darling jackfruit”. On hearing these, the audience reciprocated with a huge applause.

Thereafter, it was the turn of Hon. Agriculture Minister, Shri. V.S. Sunil Kumar who assured his department’s staunch support for bringing the glory back to the jackfruit. “There was a time when elders would say that even buttermilk can be produced from jackfruit, It’s there wisdom about the countless of dietary requirements the fruit can provide”, the minister said.

Earlier CM made a particular reference about the presence of two ministers at a function where CM was present. He said that it was a cabinet decision in principle not more than one minister to be present at a time for a programme. “But here you find CM, Finance Minister and Agriculture Minister. This implies how much significance our government give for jackfruit promotion”.

Thereafter, a Jackfruit Vehicle decorated with messages on jackfruit and stocking a variety of value added products for sale was flagged of by Hon. CM.

Every single person gathered there could go back with lingering memories – thanks to sweet ripe jackfruit bulbs distributed free to everyone. The venue also had a notable display of posters on jackfruit benefits, prepared by CISSA.

The jackfruit promotion programmes scheduled for 11 to 20 July are organized by the Santhigram and Jackfruit Promotion Council. It is duly supported as usual, by CISSA which organized the groundbreaking jackfruit festival years back. The ball set rolling by CISSA is thus rolling further, realizing goals one after the other.


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