Workshop for Banana Farmers in Kalliyoor

By October 9, 2018General

Project entitled “On farm trial of  cassava biopesticides against borer pests of banana in Kerala”-

Workshop for Banana Farmers :-

A unique workshop was organised for banana farmers into the different aspects of banana cultivation. This was organised by CISSA in association with ICAR-CTCRI at the Kalliyoor Grama Panchayat. District Panchyat Member Smt.V.Lathakumari inaugurated the workshop. Classes on topics such as the use of tapioca-based organic pesticides in banana farming and organic farming methods were held. The classes were led by the ICAR -CTCRI Division of Crop Protection Principal Scientist (Entomology) & Head Dr. C.A. Jayaprakas, Former Deputy Director, Dept of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala Shri.N.Sreekumar and ICAR-CTCRI Former Principal Scientist Dr.C.S. Ravindran.

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